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Red crown
Coroa Vermelha is located about 8 km from the Santa Cruz Cabrália ferry. It is located in the middle of the so-called discovery coast, which is the entire coastline from Porto Seguro to Santa Cruz Cabrália. It is considered the beach where Pedro Alvares Cabral's expedition landed when he arrived in Brazil, where the first Mass was held in 1500 in Brazil.
In Coroa Vermelha is located the Pataxó Indigenous Village, where you can visit an indigenous museum and a fair that sells souvenirs, indigenous utensils and local handicrafts.

Araripe dive tour boarding at the inn
 In the Atlantic Ocean located directly in front of our inn there are coral formations, whose fragments allow the formation of large islands of sand in the dry tide, which allows the visitation and diving in natural pools. For lovers of marine life, the crystal clear waters, allow you to see a sample of the rich marine life of the region. These natural pools are great for swimming, see crustaceans, variety of fish and the coral reef.

There are two that we must emphasize:
- Cora Alta is the largest and most famous, for it there are several companies that offer tours. The transport takes place of schooner, that follows by the river João de Tiba, from inside the boat can be observed the manquezal of Marine Park of High Crown. Usually the schooner stops for about 1 hour in the High Crown and follows for a lunch, finishing the tour, in its last stop, in the Island of the Sun or Island of the Sweets, where you can dislike sweets and liquors and also know the bath of mud in the maguezais of the region.

-The Araripe is smaller, less known and more intimate. There are no companies that provide tours for this coral formation, but our hostel mediates this tour for those who are interested. The transport takes place by boat of real local fishermen, and it leaves directly from the inn in the sea until Araripe. Arriving there be free to explore the place and then follow back to the inn. The value, schedule and availability of the tour are linked to the daily conditions of the fishermen.

Drive to Belmonte up the Jequitinhonha - 73 999832541
  This tour leaves the port of Belmonte, a city that is located about x miles from the inn, and is made by places that are in the port itself. There are tour companies that intercede this tour. Transportation is usually done by an aluminum boat, and it is a long walk, which takes about 2h30min, but very beautiful, passes through a cocoa farm, and through narrow stretches of mangrove and Atlantic forest until you stop at the deserted beach of Barra do Peso, where the river meets the sea. In Ilha de Graças, you can smear yourself with the black mud that, they say there, has medicinal properties. And, finally, in Canavieiras, one can get to know the historical center of this city, which was rich at the height of cacao and which still seems to have some prosperity.

Village of the grisly forest by appointment a week before Toré dance